Android: using foreground service

For Android, the app is required to use a foreground service to process reliably notifications in the background.

Implementation steps

1. Integrate foreground service

Add FirebaseMessagingService to your Android project. This service allows your app to process the incoming push notification. Then use the foreground service to process the notification in the background.

2. Wake-up the app

When a push notification is received, the FirebaseMessagingService will be triggered, running the forground service.

3. Connect with Breez SDK

In the foreground service, establish a connection with the Breez SDK to process the incoming payment.

4. Wait for payment completion

Once connected, the app should wait for completion status from the Breez SDK that the payment has been received.

5. Display a notification

After confirming the payment, display a notification.

Reference implementation

For a complete reference, see how we implemented it in c-breez wallet: BreezFcmService.kt.